B-52 Lx-18Ev3 1000W Folded B-52 LX-18EV3

B-52 Lx-18Ev3 1000W Folded SubwooferB-52 Lx-18Ev3 1000W Folded Subwoofer
This powerful folded-horn subwoofer cranks out devastating, long-throw bass on a budget and still manages to be quite portable. The B-52 LX-18EV3 is ideal for live sound and music replay applications and delivers more low-end thunder than you’ll know what to do with. This sub’s cabinet is fitted with B-52’s 18-220X 1000W subwoofer, which provides high-power handling, great efficiency, very low distortion, and accurate sound reproduction.The American-made cabinet features 7-layer 3/4 plywood construction, reinforced internal bracings, and is finished with impact-forgiving black carpet and 4 heavy-duty casters.The speaker’s 18 subwoofers are  The optimally-sized acoustic aperture of the compression chambers forms the throat of the horn and helps force the air at an increased velocity and pressure.The heart of the B-52 LX-18EV3 is its 18-220X subwoofer which is housed in a compression chamber that minimizes the excursion of the driver while maximizing the subwoofer’s output.  Its light weight and robust cast-aluminum frame is shaped to minimize reflections on the back of the cone.  The entire loudspeaker is designed to work as a heat sink for extreme cooling efficiency.Made in the U.S.A.Rugged, impact-resistant black carpet finishVoid-free, 7-layer, Ã?¾ plywood construction for maximum durability and minimum weightInput connections: (2) Ã?¼ metal phone jacks and (1) Neutrik NL 4 Speakon connectorReinforced internal bracings are used to fortify the cabinet4 heavy-duty castersPole-mounting cup
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