Axis Derek Roddy Signature Edition A21 DR-A21-2

Axis Derek Roddy Signature Edition A21 Double Bass Drum PedalAxis Derek Roddy Signature Edition A21 Double Bass Drum Pedal
Derek Roddy is acclaimed as an accomplished clinician and educator and is expert in any drumming style including extreme and modern metal, jazz, blues and rock. The Derek Roddy Signature Edition A21 with electronic kit incorporates the A21 beater bracket and includes ideas from Derek and his forum to make the pedals more user friendly, such as the drum key adjustments for the beater angle adjustment and Variable Drive Lever.Also, locating posts on the base plate prevent having to change the settings for the drum beater and Electronic Kit detonator angles. The self-contained electronic kit allows triggering without the use of external adhesive piezos eliminating cross-talk and double triggering. The base plates are smooth with the distinctive design applied by laser. An extended length bearing swivel rocker, The Deep Rocker, has been added to the spring assemblies gives a more immediate and powerful spring response.The most immediate, direct response. 21 degree power forward angle accelerates the beater into the bass drum with greater force and velocity.Microtune Spring Tensioner21-Degree power forward angleSelf-contained electronic kitExtended-length bearing swivel rockerBranded footboard with incised signature
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