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Audio-Technica M3 In-Ear Wireless System Band MAudio-Technica M3 In-Ear Wireless System Band M
With Audio-Technica’s M3 Wireless In-ear System, you get your choice of 1321 UHF channels, and convenient LCD information displays on both the transmitter and receiver for setting your personal preferences. You and other musicians on stage using the M3 system will enjoy controlling the volume and mix of 2 separate signals via the controls on the M3R stereo body-pack receiver, ensuring that you can dial in the right sound, and hear yourself accurately. While you can use up to 16 complete M3 systems simultaneously on stage, you can actually use any number of M3R stereo receivers on the same frequency with a single M3T stereo transmitter. This makes the Audio-Technica M3 an excellent, professional choice for live performance monitoring. While Audio-Technica’s M2 Wireless System offers 100 selectable frequencies, with the M3 System, you get an astounding 1321 frequencies to work with. In addition, the M3 In-Ear Wireless System’s automatic frequency scanning ability makes set up practically immediate. You get a personal mix with a personal fit. The M3 Wireless In-ear Monitor System offers Personal Mix Control, allowing volume and mix control of two independent signals at the receiver. This way, you can dial in the right sound and blend you need to give your best performances. It also comes with three sizes of rubber eartips, plus an ear-conforming foam tip for a comfortable feel and personal fit. With the M3 Wireless In-ear Monitoring System, you’ll hear yourself like never before, especially at lower volumes. You can rely these in-ear monitors’ dynamic drivers that deliver full frequency response and outstanding isolation, time after time.High-fidelity sound Band M operates between 614.000 to 647.000MHz Band L operates on frequencies between 575.000 to 608.000Mhz 1321 selectable UHF channels Automatic frequency scanning Up to 16 simultaneous systems per frequency band Three receiver modes: Personal Mix, stereo, and mono Personal Mix Control LCD information display XLR loop output (true pass-through) Adjustable squelch eliminates annoying static Pilot tone protects against RF interference Multi-level limiter (defeatable) Portable system is quick to load and set up Reduces audio clutter on stage Use any number of Stereo Receivers Selectable auxiliary input offers connection point for ambient microphone, click track, or other mic- or line-level input Audio-Technica earphone swith proprietary dynamic drivers Personal fit with 3 sizes of rubber eartips Selectable auxiliary input
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