Audio-Technica At4047 Condenser AT4047/SV

Audio-Technica At4047 Condenser MicrophoneAudio-Technica At4047 Condenser Microphone
The Audio-Technics AT4047 Condenser Microphone is designed for professional recording and critical applications in broadcast and live sound. Transformer-coupled output and a specially tuned element provide sonic characteristics reminiscent of early FET studio mic designs. The AT4047 mic has exceptionally low self-noise, wide dynamic range and high SPL capability. It sports a vintage silver-matte finish on the microphone and shock mount. Audio-Technica includes a protective case and AT8449/SV shock mount with the AT4047 microphone. Requires phantom power.Gold-plated, specially contoured and aged, dual-diaphragms Switchable 80 Hz hi-pass filter and 10 dB pad Includes AT8449/SV shockmount
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