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Audio Ease Altiverb 7 Software DownloadAudio Ease Altiverb 7 Software Download
Altiverb 7 is the industry standard convolution reverb plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows. It features high-quality impulse responses of real-world spaces ranging from the Sydney Opera House to the cockpit of a Jumbo Jet, and recreates the detailed reverb of each space with incredible accuracy inside your DAW. Altiverb 7 is notably efficient on cpu and it offers a number of different of parameters that you can tweak to fit the reverb to any project your working on. Altiverb 7 is also total recall automatable, and it has up to 64-bit support making it exceptionally valuable in today’s recording and post-production environments. To keep things fresh, Audio Ease sends out new impulse responses every month for free to Altiverb users.  Altiverb 7 For Music Music SpacesThe Altiverb Library of Acoustics contains the most sought after spaces for music. The main concert halls of the cities of Berlin, Los Angeles Vienna and Amsterdam for your orchestral work. Or legendary rock studios from New York or Paris. But you can also put your audio in French Cathedrals, the Gol Gumbaz of India or London’s Wembley stadium.Vintage reverb gearAltiverb contains a tremendous amount of classic reverb gear and purpose built echo chambers. You’ll find all the EMT plates you want, spring reverbs, classic digital gear like the 480, 224, the AMS RMX 16 or the EMT 240. Add the Frank Sinatra and Beach Boys echo chambers and you have everything you need to recreate all those classic sounds.Experimental ResponsesGrab any sound from your tracks or the Finder and toss it on Altiverb to use it as an impulse response. Try piano chords, breaking glass, spoken word, thunder or a drum loop. In convolution each sample of the input is replaced by the entire impulse response. So if you use a piano chord as an impulse Response, and you clap your hands into Altiverb, out comes the chord.Stage PositioningAUses top-quality samples of real acoustic spacesSpaces include theaters, opera houses, studios, outdoors, cars, stadiums, and moreIdeal for both music and post-audio applicationsVersion 7 looks and feels better than any previous versionsNew visual browser makes the IR library extremely accessiblePowerful keyword search field helps locate spaces quicklyNews tab keeps Alitverb up to dateSimilar button helps find similar sounding spaces to choose fromEverything is automatable in Altiverb 7Drag and drop any audio onto Altiverb 7 to use it as an impulse responseDial in a bit of chaotic modulation and every hit will sound differentInteractive EQ curveStage positioner gives you 10 times as much space
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