Allora Aaeu-204 Series 4-Valve AAEU204

Allora Aaeu-204 Series 4-Valve EuphoniumAllora Aaeu-204 Series 4-Valve Euphonium
The Allora AAEU-204 Series 4-Valve Euphonium is designed to meet the needs of the intermediate player looking for an affordable 4-valve instrument. The AAEU-204 is a non-compensating instrument that features 4 top-action, nickel piston valves with smooth action plus a gold brass leadpipe for proper note placement.Allora instruments are consistent across the line for their excellent value. They are well-made, reliable, easy blowing and good-sounding across both the brass and woodwind selection. Pride of ownership is a critical component of a young student’s band experience, and the Allora line are handsome, yet affordable. Whereas you might get advice to buy a used intermediate horn for a student, especially with larger brass instruments like euphoniums, they are often dented and banged up, with peeling lacquer and noisy valves.A student can’t necessarily realize the advantages of intermediate and professional instruments at that stage of the game, and so a nice, new horn that plays well and is reliable may be a better decision in the long run. The student will feel good about owning the instrument and be more inclined to practice it.Key: BbBore: .590-inchBell: 11-inchBell Material: Yellow BrassBell Position: UprightValves: Nickel Plated PistonNumber of Valves: 4Valve Position: Top ActionSystem: Non-CompensatingFeatures: Gold Brass Leadpipe; 4 Top Action ValvesCase: YesMouthpiece: YesMouthpiece Shank: LargeFinish: Lacquer
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