Ableton Ableton Live 9.5 Suite With ABLETON KIT 5

Ableton Ableton Live 9.5 Suite With Novation Launchpad Mini MkiiAbleton Ableton Live 9.5 Suite With Novation Launchpad Mini Mkii
This package includes the leading creative DJ software, Live 9.5 Suite Edition, along with the Novation Launchpad Mini MK II. Launchpad Mini is Novation’s most compact and affordable Launchpad grid instrument for Ableton Live. It offers all the functionality of the original Launchpad in a smaller and more portable controller that is ideal for compact setups. Launchpad Mini displays your Ableton Live session view on 64 mini pads, which let you trigger clips, play drum racks, control your mixer, FX and make amazing performance videos for YouTube. All the pads are backlit with multi-colored LEDs that show you which clips are loaded, playing, and recording. Separate buttons around the outside of the grid are designed to trigger scenes, switch modes, and navigate your session in Ableton Live. Launchpad Mini is compact and tough enough to throw in your bag, so you can take it anywhere. It will work the moment you plug it into your laptop and you wont need any drivers or power cables, because its class compliant and bus-powered via USB. You can also connect it to your iPad via a Camera Connection Kit to control all sorts of iOS music apps, like Novation’s free Launchpad App. Capture your musicPlay or step sequence all of your musical ideas. Whether playing drums or pitched instruments, Push adapts to your musical needs, with great feeling pads and controls that keep you in the flow. Play and tweak samplesSlice beats, play one shots, or mangle samples with warping. Push gives you a range of ways to play and manipulate your samples. Slice samples across the pads, play single hits, or warp long samples so that they always stay in time with your song. All of your sounds, at your fingertipsAccess all of Lives devices, your third-party plug-ins, and samples. Use Push to browse, preview, and load your sounds. Get fast hands-on access to LAbleton Live Suite Edition Novation Launchpad Mini Mk II
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